About Me

Sunita’s determined passion and zealous attitude to master Indian classical Music brought her to Mumbai. She got invaluable tutelage from great mentors such as Late Pt.Vasantrao Kulkarni ,Late Pt.Babanrao Haldankar and Pt.Ajay Pohankar. Sunita completed her graduation “Sangeet Visharad” in Indian classical Music with distinction. Later, she also completed her Masters in Fine Arts from University of Mumbai.

Mrs. Sunita Tikare - Indian Classical Singer

Trained in the famed “Jaipur-Atrauli” Fraternity by Music Maestro of yesteryears Late Vidushi Padmavati Shaligram Gokhale, Sunita got herself the best tenor as a disciple for over 9 years. Her strict and disciplined tutelage imbibed the “Jaipur-Atrauli” Gayaki in Sunita.

After the demise of Padmavati Shaligram Gokhale, Sunita was tutored by Begum Afroz Bano for about 8 years. Begum Afroz Bano was a prestigious Indian Vocalist, specializing in genre such as ‘Ghazal’ and ‘Thumri’. Begum Afroz Bano’s soulful singing made the folk song from Rajasthan ‘Kesariya Balama’ nationally and internationally famous.

Later, Sunita was fortunate to continue her “Jaipur-Atrauli” training under the legendary and topmost Indian classical vocalist Late Smt.Kishori Amonkar belonging to “Jaipur-Atrauli” Fraternity. Sunita’s khayal gayaki constitutes of systematic raag badhat, intricate and graceful taans, gliding meends, gamaks and layakari. Persistency and commendable performance in Thumri-dadra, Abhanga/Bhajans, Bhavgeet/Bhaktigeet, traditional Marathi Natyageet ,out of her avid intent to deliver these varied forms in its justifiable temperament, are due to her complimenting voice quality. Very few singers today attempt to quench the thirst of audience with such an omnipotent versatility.

An effortless 1st class in all the music examinations, various awards and accolades in classical, semi-classical music gave her all rounded music personality, thought process and approach that becomes distinctly clear when heard in her concerts. Travelled extensively all over India for participating in prestigious music concerts and conferences, Sunita started getting opportunities to perform internationally. Her determination and passion for singing has made her fan following across the globe. She has performed in countries including Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Russia, USA, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Srilanka, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada. She fairs with a sizable collection of the rich cultural heritage and the traditional bandish ,as old as over 150 years, in front of her listeners with ease and dexterity, thus, making it difficult for people to forget her voice. This decades of experience and an enduring rapport with her audience makes her an artist of new generation, who is committed to share her experience she gathered from all the great maestros of the Indian classical music.