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Sunita’s determined passion and zealous attitude to master in her art took her journey step by step from a small town in Maharashtra to Mumbai during which she got invaluable tutelage initially from great mentors- Late Pt.Vasantrao Kulkarni , Babanrao Haldankar and Pt.Ajay Pohankar. Sunita while shaping up as an Artist completed “Sangeet Visharad” from Gandharva Mahavidyalay with 1st rank in year 1988. Later completed Master of Fine Arts from Mumbai University in Hindustani Classical music.

An effortless 1st class in all the music exams, various firsts, awards and prizes in Classical and other Light & semi-classical music forms in the initial phase of her career gave her all rounded Music personality, thought process and approach that becomes distinctly clear when heard in her concerts.

Sunita’s khayal gayaki constitutes of systematic raag badhat, intricate and graceful taans, gliding meends, gamaks and layakari. Persistency and commendable performance in Thumri-dadra, Abhanga/Bhajans, Bhavgeet/Bhaktigeet, traditional Marathi Natyageet out of her avid intent to deliver these varied forms in its justifiable temperament are due to her complimenting voice quality. Very few singers today attempt to quench the thirst of audience with such an omnipotent versatility.

Recipient of the Citation Award as ”Maharashtra Vaibhav” from Maharashtra Kalaniketan, “Surmani” from Sursingar academy, “Gandharva Samman” , “Sangeet Kala- Ratna Samman”, “Sangeet Ratna Samman” backed up from Ministry of Culture, Government of India are some of the indicative laurels of her contributions to the Hindustani Classical vocal music. She has also received Swarsadhika Award from Malasyan Government ,Bhutan Government Award She has also performed on radio and television. She is acknowledged as a Grade artist forThumri-Dadraby the All India Radio which she dedicates to Late.Mohatarma Begum Afroz Bano who taught her the Thumri stylized diction,talimon harkat and nazakats apart from the golden collection she had straight from Banaras.

Travelled extensively all over India for participating in prestigious music conferences and Sangeet Samarohs, Sunita’s concerts have been acclaimed in the UAE and Thailand too. Her determination and passion for singing has made her fan following across the globe and has performed in countries like Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Russia, USA, Mauritius, Australia, Newzealand, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Singapore, Malaaysia, Dubai, Srilanka for concerts. Also she has a huge fan base in Major cities like Paris, Bangkok, California, Columbus, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, Colorido, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisben where she has performed with full packed audience. She fairs with a sizable collection of the rich cultural heritage and the Traditional bandishis as old as over 150 years in front of her listeners with ease and dexterity, thus, making it difficult for people to forget her voice and its aesthetic quality .These secrets of her appreciation and an enduring rapport brings us today an Artist of new generation yet shouldering the commitment and feat to continue on the pathways defined by the old Masters of the rich Indian Classical music