Music Concert & Workshop Tours

WoodFord Folk Festival- Brisbane, Australia - 2019

The Woodford Folk Festival is an annual music and cultural festival with over 125k attendees featuring a wide range of performance styles, musical genres and nationalities. I was invited to promote Indian classical music and performed for an hour over 5 days of the festival.

Indian Cultural Embassy – Sweden - 2019

Invited to promote Indian classical music at the Indian Cultural Embassy in Sweden.

Sarb Akal – Music Society of Calgary - Alberta, Canada - 2019

Sarb Akal is an Academy of Indian classical Music , specialized in Vocal and Instrumental music that promotes local & international artists and upholds the integrity of Indian classical Music in the world. The society works towards maintaining and enriching music traditions by organizing musical concerts in Calgary and tutoring students of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds to learn & practice art of the Indian classical Music at its affiliated school. I was invited to perform at their academy and also talk about Indian classical music on Calgary’s CIBK-FM radio station.

Hindustani Classical Music Society - Melbourne, Australia - 2017

The Melbourne Hindustani classical Music Society (MHCMS) hosts recitals of talented and knowledgeable Hindustani classical Musicians for the wider community to enjoy and I was invited to perform Indian classical music.

Swaranjali - Columbus, Ohio, USA - 2017

Swaranjali (an organization registered with the State of Ohio since 1992 and located in Columbus, Ohio, USA) is dedicated to preserving and promoting Hindustani (North Indian) classical Music and Dance traditions of Indian subcontinent in the Central Ohio. I was invited and sponsored to perform at their concert to promote Hindustani Classical Music.

Sangeet Mela Festival - Brisbane, Australia - Aug 2017

Sangeet Mela is Australia’s premiere Indian classical music and dance festival featuring both Hindustani and Carnatic styles and I was invited to perform Indian classical Music with over 1k attendees.

Marathi Mandal - Colorado, USA April 2017

Colorado Marathi Mandal is a non-profit organization aimed to preserve rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra,India in the Rockies. The organization try to bring together Marathi speaking families from Denver, and surrounding areas like Fort Collins, Westminster, Boulder, Colorado Springs, etc. to collectively celebrate traditional Indian festivals and I was invited to perform at one of their events.

India International School and Cultural Center- Virginia, USA 2017

India International School (IIS) is a non-profit and equal-opportunity educational institution that provides quality education in Indian arts, culture, and languages , impart the knowledge and skills to younger generations seeking personal growth and harmony with others; and sensitize the youth to basic human values and preservation of the environment. IIS students frequently perform at national and local community festivals, theater, radio and television. I was hosted by the organization to perform Indian classical Music for students and people interested in the music.

Maharashtra Mandal- Norway Denmark, Perth(Australia), Andaman Nicobar(India) - 2019,2016, 2014

Maharashtra Mandal is a Non-Profit organization whose goal is to serve the cultural and social needs of our Maharashtrian community and to promote, preserve, and cherish Maharashtrian culture. I was invited to perform various genre in Indian classical Music.

Hindustan Art and Music Society- Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand - 2013-2016

Hindusthan Art & Music Society (HAMS) is an Global Examination Board of Indian Art & Culture, established by the great maestros of Indian Music in the world, with a view to popularize and teach Indian classical music amongst the masses in India and revive the prestige of the art of music of India through comprising different kinds of dance forms, music fraternity, and instruments. I was sponsored by the organization to perform and promote Indian classical Music in the above listed countries.

Indian Embassy , Moscow - 2015

Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre (JNCC) was opened as part of the Embassy of India, Moscow, in March 1989 to further strengthen the traditionally rich cultural cooperation and affinity between the people of India and Russia. JNCC cooperates with the Indian community associations in Moscow and more than 50 private local Indian culture centres and dance schools spread across Russia.