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Sunita Tikare is an outstandingly melodious Vocalist inclined towards Indian Classical music from early childhood. An inspiring pat on the back for a flawless performance coupled with an ardent admiration by Late Honorable Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi for this lead singer at a tender age of Nine ( later also Late PM Shri.Rajeev Gandhi) at the Faizpur Adhiveshan was a inspiring moment in the Music career of this young debutant.

Trained in the famed “Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana Gayaki”, earnest words by Shri.Tulsidas Borkar to the Leading lady and Music Maestro of yesteryears Vidushi Padmavati Shaligram Gokhale to tutor Sunita and bring her latent talent to the notice got her the best tenor as a disciple for over 9 years. Her strict and disciplined tutelage imbibed in her the “Jaipur Gharana Gayaki” of the North Indian style. Sunita is fortunate to continue her learning now under Padma Vibhushan Gana-sarawati Smt.Kishoritai Amonkar the jewel on the crown of Indian Classical music.